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The best jewelry, guaranteed.

The best materials & best craftsmanship.

Our Story

Beauty is everything that shines, eternity, rarity means scarcity and value, Mylovetrue jewelry interprets the concept of beauty, and the classic and meticulous craftsmanship endows the jewelry itself with the purest spiritual experience.

The top designers and artisans of Mylovetrue jewelry have created a tool for you to remember your fondest memories.

Respect For Nature & Love For Mankind

The Values of MyloveTrue

Adhere to ethical production methods
Help People, Not Beg People

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Moissanite vs CZ

Moissanite vs CZ

At first glance, moissanite resembles a diamond and can be mistaken for a diamond, synthetic (lab-grown) diamond, or a diamond simulant (CZ). Compared to cubic zirconia or CZ, perhaps the...

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Moissanite vs Diamond

Moissanite vs Diamond

When a man asks a question with dazzling fireworks, her response is almost always predictable, but also precious.In addition to love and a lifetime commitment, she embraced dazzling diamond jewelry,...

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