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Honey, that's it!

Honey, that's it!

Phoebe and I are getting married this year and our friends are very happy.Regarding the engagement ring, Phoebe wanted a diamond ring as it was a symbol of love, and there seemed to be no other suitable selection.
A diamond ring is not cheap.
Both of us have much lower incomes in the past 2 years since the spread of the COVID19.It also takes a lot of money to plan a wedding, and I am embarrassed because there is not enough money.
My friend suggested me to buy a moissanite ring from MyLoveTrue. I paid attention to this brand and their products.They said the moissanite is the same hardness as a diamond, and its fire is twice to a diamond, so I ordered a Holding Flowers Moissanite Ring for Phoebe from MyLoveTrue.com.
In about 15 days, she received it and was pleasantly surprised. When I told her it was a moissanite ring, and the price was less than 1/100 of a diamond ring, she replied excitedly, "Honey, that's it!"
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