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Jewelry is beautiful, timeless and scarce.

Beauty is everything that shines, eternity, rarity means scarcity and value, Mylovetrue jewelry interprets the concept of beauty, and the classic and meticulous craftsmanship endows the jewelry itself with the purest spiritual experience.
The top designers and artisans of Mylovetrue jewelry have created a tool for you to remember your fondest memories.

Mylovetrue will provide GRA certificate for each product. 

MyloveTrue's Corporate Values is Respect For Nature & Love For Mankind

  • Ethical Production Methods

1. The gemstones used in Mylovetrue jewelry are all laboratory-created, including moissanite, which is currently mainly sold, and will also sell laboratory-grown real diamonds, which have the exact same molecular structure as natural diamonds. All of these gems do not involve mining, there is no need to dig holes in the mountains, the laborers are not in danger, and the gems without blood glitter on the moral high ground.
2. Mylovetrue strives to make full use of recycled and reclaimed materials, adheres to sustainable and ethical production methods, and its production processes and materials comply with EU REACH regulations. The company has GRS certification. GRS certification includes five requirements: traceability, environmental protection, social responsibility, label and general.

  • Help People, Not Beg People

1. Our original intention is to make people's lives better, to decorate life through beautiful jewelry, at an inexpensive and acceptable price.
2. Instead of begging people to come here and spend money, we want to give people something better. We want consumers to pay for an order because they found that comforting item.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Company name:Eastern Pose (Hong Kong) Holdings Limited
Address:19H Maxgrand Plaza3 Tai Yau Street Sab Po Kong, Kowloon, HongKong