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Round Celtic Knot Promise Engagment Wedding Opal Ring

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Crafted in 925 sterling silver. this Round Celtic Knot Opal Ring showcases the excellent blend of modern and also vintage appeal. The prong-set round opal emphasizes the charm of this solitaire ring. Standing for everlasting love and also faith. the splendid Celtic knot themes sculpted on the shank offer a timeless appeal in this attractive piece of jewelry.

Product Details

Carat Weight: 1.5 cts
Stone Shape: Round

Enhancement: Lab Created
Stone Cut: Brilliant
Stone Clarity:Surface Clean
Stone Colour Grade:AAA
Metal Type: S925 Sterling Silver-White Gold/Plated Yellow Gold/Rose Gold
Metal Color: White Gold. Rose Gold. Yellow Gold
StoneType(Color) : White Opal (Milky White) /Blue Opal(Ocean Blue) / Fire Opal(Orangish Red) /Pink Opal(Milk Pink) /Black Opal(Mysterious Black).

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Mylovetrue combines perfect craft with the romantic design of every piece. We went away from natural diamonds due to the monopoly from suppliers which has made prices skyrocket. Instead, we partner with Asian and Belgian labs that grow moissanite diamonds, which are not only more affordable, but more brilliant than natural diamonds.Our lab-grown moissanite diamond has a refractive index of 2.65, much higher than that of natural diamond (2.41). Similarly, Mylovetrue diamonds have a fire luminance of 0.104, more than double that of natural diamond (0.44). Try it out – there’s no comparison, Mylovetrue diamonds are more brilliant.

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When you buy from Mylovetrue, you will receive a unique authority certificate that accompanies each of our pieces of moissanite diamond. We employ objective third party labs who scrutinize every contour and facet of the diamond under their loupe or microscope, measuring and evaluating your gemstone so you can be confident of its value.Have you ever seen some diamond jewelry that you coveted, but had to give up because it was too expensive? Those days are gone forever. Wave goodbye to disappointment and say “Hello” to your new, authentic and affordable diamond from Mylovetrue.

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Mylovetrue attaches great importance to environmental protection and social responsibility, our production plant has passed GRS and RCS certification, and passed the social responsibility inspection of well-known brand companies such as HM. Our eco-friendly materials are traceable.